Participating in Handel’s Messiah

A great backstory to Handel’s Messiah is that the first performance in Dublin was organized as a fundraiser to release debtors from prison. The concert raised 400 Pounds and 142 prisoners were set free as a result. In this way the performance acted out one of the great truths of Advent: Jesus came into this world to set the captives free (Isa. 61:1).   As we celebrate the Season, we too continue this tradition of ‘audience participation.’  The Lord also calls us to set the captives free, to give to those in need and to proclaim that our “God reigns” (Isa. 52:7).

This past Wednesday, we concluded our third and final Evensong Advent service. What a thrill to see so many of all ages come to worship together! Jeremiah 31:10-14 pictures the Advent as a cause for joy and celebration for young and old alike.  Our hope is in the One who will turn our mourning into joy, our sorrow into gladness.  Joy to the World, the Lord has come!

Join us for Christmas Eve Services next Sunday!

9:30am – Morning Service of Carols

5pm – Family Nativity Drama

7pm – Candlelight Communion Service

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