Rob and Kate Mellon: Our lives are meant to be spent in community

On the impact of community for personal growth
5 quick questions and answers

I asked Rob and Kate Mellon, one of our host teams for the LIFE Groups test drive, a few questions about small groups and why they are so critical for community life. Here’s a quick Q&A with them!

Adam: How did you first get involved in a LIFE group (small group)?
Rob and Kate: We first got involved in a small group when we were new to church. We wanted to meet with other people our age, develop friendships and grow together.

Adam: How did you see God work in your small groups?
Rob and Kate: We saw God work in our life group by developing authentic relationships with each other. We enjoyed fellowship inside and outside of group. We true life changes happen to many of the people in our group.

Adam: What is one thing you wish people knew about small groups?
Rob and Kate: We wish people know that life groups are worth your time! They are the ones we call or text for questions ranging from silly parenting questions to our urgent prayer requests. They have become our kids core group too.

Adam: What would you say to someone too busy to join a small group?
Rob and Kate: We are all busy but it’s worth your time. True growth happens with authentic relationships that take time and effort; however, it’s where memories are made and lives are transformed. Our lives are meant to be spent in community and what better community is there than a group of believers to grow with and be real with?!

Adam: How have you grown as a disciple of Jesus through small groups?
Rob and Kate: We’ve grown as a disciple of Jesus by spending time learning and digging deeper together. We’ve been vulnerable, wrestled with those tough questions together and grown because of it.

Rob and Kate met in North Carolina, were married, and spent 8 years there involved in two churches. We moved to Sudbury with our three small children and recently joined TCC.

Our LIFE Groups Test Drive kicks off on November 5th. Click here for more info.


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