Life Groups Test Drive



Are you sharing life or going it alone?

It’s true, New Englanders are known for our resilience and fierce independence. We like to do things on our own. But the Christian faith should not be one of the things we do by ourselves. Faith must be lived out within a community – the church – for it to flourish.

One thing we’ve been hearing more and more is that our church is becoming a warm and friendly community. People are drawn to our church because of the vibrant and welcoming community, and we know that this is very much due to the robust network of small groups (we call them “LIFE groups” here) at the church.

Our LIFE groups are the backbone of our church. These are the places members feel encouraged and cared for on a deeper level than is possible on Sunday mornings. They are the primary place people study the bible, pray together, and share the joys and sorrows of life. LIFE groups allow a safe and honest place where friends support each other through life’s difficult seasons: job loss, sickness, injuries, the death of loved ones, struggles with family, and many other trying times.

If you are not yet involved in a life group, we have an exciting opportunity coming up. Our first ever, “LIFE Groups Test Drive” is happening in November.

LIFE Groups Test Drive
Community Dinner and Study
November 5
Childcare available

After this kickoff meal and study, groups will form and meet for two additional meetings in November. There is no long-term commitment, but a great place to try it out and we hope that new friendships would form and new LIFE groups would continue for many seasons to come.

Signup here and reserve your spot today!

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