A House of Blessings (Ephesians 1:4) – A Note From Tom Petter

This series in Ephesians (into the month of June) identifies TCC as a ‘House of Blessing.’ We have received ‘every spiritual blessings’ in Christ (Eph. 1:3), which in turn allows us to be a blessing to the people the Lord places on our path.  The goal of the series is to continue to articulate of model of church life that is anchored in the 21st Century of church life here in Metro-West.  This context of pluralistic belief systems in a self-sufficient setting parallels the setting in 1st Century Asia Minor, and Ephesus in particular.  We too are surrounded by impressive ‘temples’ (as the temple of Artemis was) and power structures the people of God can never compete with.  The blessing of TCC is therefore not quantified with traditional metrics.  Paul calls us to measure ‘growth’ in terms of our own walk with the Lord and whether we are ‘infants’ or ‘adults’ in the Lord. Typical models of church growth become irrelevant unless we nurture our own spiritual growth. God is calling us to a deeper commitment to discipleship in the Word and with one another. When people walk out of the building into their God-given sphere of influence, they become themselves a ‘house of blessing,’ a source of blessing in the same way the patriarchs were a blessing to those around them (e.g., Abraham, Jacob and Joseph).

Tom officially begin his duties as TCC’s full time Senior Pastor on June 4.

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