Potential Parking Issues at TCC Sunday

As everyone knows, parking is very limited in our TCC lot, even on a “regular” Sunday.  With only one service this Sunday morning, parking will be in very high demand.  If you are physically able, please park remotely in the Town Building Lot. You may drop off people or paraphernalia and then proceed to the parking lot. This will leave parking spots for visitors, the handicapped, our older population and those with young infants and toddlers.

This is a practical way to show hospitality, so plan a few extra minutes, and park in the town building lot or on the streets.  Please do not park along the sides of the driveway, as these areas must be kept clear for fire lanes.

Can’t find the town lot? Follow the red arrows on the map below, or the signs posted on the church campus.

Overflow Parking Directions

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3 Responses to Potential Parking Issues at TCC Sunday

  1. Should also note there are walking paths from the town parking lots to TCC which are usually shoveled.

  2. adamkurihara says:

    Thanks Eric! Map updated 🙂

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