Quiet Day at TCC: Second Saturdays, 9:30A- 12P

Come to the Quiet to be Still and Know…Second Saturday of the month, 9:30A- 12P

Silence and solitude are spiritual disciplines which, when practiced, open us up to become more sensitive to God’s movement in our lives. TCC is extending an invitation to grow your relationship with Christ through a regularly set aside time for silence and solitude at our church campus which will take place the second Saturday of each month.

All are welcome regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey. Those who are interested are invited to join us on the second Saturday of each month from 9:30A- 12:00P in the parlor. Participants will meet there initially for a short time of worship before dispersing throughout the facility for your own personal reflection time with the Lord. Our time will conclude with a brief gathering at 11:50A. Registration is not necessary – just show up. Bring a Bible, a journal, devotional books and any snack or beverage you might need, but avoid bringing distracting electronic equipment.
You may contact Pastor Chris [pastorchris@tccwayland.org] for more information or suggestions about how to structure this personal time with the Lord.

About adamkurihara

Director of Worship and Community Life at Trinitarian Congregational Church, Wayland, MA.
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